In ancient times, before the known history, the last Philosopher of consonance, escaped the massacre of Deusatan and travelled to a hatred dominated world plagued by war and division. He brought with him a child for all people on earth. He gathered them in a secret place to educate them to the concept of Knot: good links and evil divides. Those children were the first Nodogons. Father to son, link after link, their descendants formed the knot that has never been dissolved and that holds together the story of humanity. Cyrus, Pedro and Mei Li belong to the latest generation of the ancient lineage of Nodogon. The main character, Cyrus Dikto, is a thirteen years old irish boy. His mother Virginia Gowan, an anthropologist who fights for people's rights threatened with extinction, disappears mysteriously during one of her trips . After two years a strange man knocked on the boy's door with a message from Virginia Gowan. For Cyrus, who up until then has lived the life of a boy of his age, begins an extraordinary adventure that will take him in just three days around the world, from Africa to Los Angeles, through to the desert of Gobi to in Northern Norway, up to a secretive New York. A dizzying trip, through secret passages coming from an ancient and forgotten science. His mission is to find two guys: the mexican Pedro Peynal and the chinese Mei Li Niang. With them, Cyrus will fight a terrible battle against the Butchers of Fritjiof, ancient assassins with a third eye on their neck, and against the daughters of Nekruth, frightening scarred women who are able to enchant humans and animals. They kidnapped the parents of three boys. To liberate them Cyrus, Pedro e Mei Li face the devil himself. In the last battle, at their side, there will be the mysterious Nodogon, the oldest humanitarian organization, in wich militate representatives of all peoples of the Earth.